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Vendor List

Interested in applying for our next event?

Fill out this vendor inquiry form and our team will send you an application. 

Vendor criteria:

  • MUST sell item(s) visually demonstrating Hawaiian culture. 

    • Items showcasing “local culture” do not count towards meeting this criteria (i.e. shaka, slippers, musubi, general flowers, pineapples, shells, Tahitian pearls). These items may be sold if you choose, but all businesses must also sell items that visually perpetuate Hawaiian culture (i.e. Hawaiian language, native plants, hula, Hawaiian akua, etc.)

  • Business must be registered & based in Hawaii

  • Give back to Hawai’i (i.e donations to Hawaii serving organizations, community work, etc.)

**Vendors are not automatically approved. There is a vendor selection process outlined in the formal application. Please read through it in its entirety.

Vendor applications due May 31, 2024.

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